Wedding Day Timelines

February 19, 2018

So you can enjoy the entire day and be ready to celebrate the night away…..

So, you haven’t planned a wedding before?  Well, when I got married, I hadn’t either.  Throughout the wedding planning, whether you have two years or two months, I am happy to help you with your timeline.  It might sound a little too organized for you (not everyone is Type-A, right?), but if we do plan the timeline well, you are bound to have a day to never forget and things will just fall into place.

Sitting down and working out a timeline early in the game is a great idea.  We aren’t trying to get the most photos ever.  It’s not the end game or what matters most.   A  wedding timeline should be created to make sure that you actually get to enjoy every single moment of your day in the most stress-free way.

And I get to take killer photos.

First Look Sample Timeline
(the entire day below takes place at one location…if you are doing multiple locations, you definitely want to factor in drive times)

***One thing to consider is moving everything ahead about 45 minutes and doing family photos before the ceremony. Couples that do this, get to enjoy spending time greeting guests AT cocktail hour.  It’s kind of nice since you can possibly skip going table to table that way and you get to enjoy the rest of the evening celebrating and on the dance floor.  This also allows me to capture the room empty if you are having cocktail hour in another location AND capture candid photos of you and your guests.

9- 1:00 Hair & Makeup
11:30 Lunch
1:30 Bride/Groom Exchange Gifts/Cards
1:30 Flowers arrive
2:00 Bride gets into her dress
2:15 Groom and groomsmen get flowers
2:15 to 2:45  Portraits of bride and groom separately

3:00  First Look
3:15 Wedding Party Creative Photos
4:15 Bride and Groom Creative Photos

5:00 Bride and Groom tucked away
5:30 Ceremony
6:00 Family Formal Portraits (You do NOT attend cocktail hour and mingle with guests)

6:00 Cocktail Hour
7:00 Introductions
7:10 Cake Cutting
7:15 Speeches
7:30 Dinner served
8:30 First dances
9:00 Party

Sample Timeline Without a First Look

9-1 Hair and Makeup
1:30 pm Bride gets into Her Dress
1:30 Flowers arrive
145 Bridal portraits
Photos of Bride and Bridesmaids
2:45 Guys arrive at the church; flowers arrive at the church
3:00 Photos of groom and groomsmen getting jackets, flowers, and other final details
          Photos of groom and groomsmen
3:00 pm Ladies arrive at the ceremony site
3:15 Gift/cards exchange 

4 pm Ceremony
430-500  Family Formal Portraits
515 Creative Portraits of Bride and Groom + Bridal Party

6:00 Cocktail Hour
645  Arrive at the Reception Site
7 pm Introductions
7:15 Cake Cutting
7:20 Speeches
7:30 Dinner
8:30 First Dance and Parent Dances
9:00 Party

Let’s do this!  Let me know how I can help!

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