Megan and Drew

February 20, 2018

When you call me and tell me that you want winter photos, there is a little part of me that starts praying for a blizzard.  So, friends, those of us that have been wondering where all of this crazy snow has been coming from, you might send a thank you note my way. Well, since, I spent a few weeks with Megan and Drew hoping for some seriously large amounts of snow.

Megan and Drew have been together for some time, and this is the year that things came together for them to plan a destination wedding.  But they had to have their engagement session right here in the Mitten.  I don’t think the snow, their smiles, or our crazy gumption could have paid off any better than it did.  This engagement session made me hope just a few more people want to come out in the snow next year.

Congratulations Megan and Drew!

Man and woman cuddling in the snow at the Aboretum in Ann Arbor Michigan

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