Wedding days are made up of a million little moments in time these intricate little pieces of time get strung together to make the most beautiful patchwork quilt. And the totality of those moments makes art. But each little patch itself is a masterpiece. The wedding morning you might still be deciding on the best shade of the perfect lip and working hard to refrain from opening the weather app one more time.

No two people are the same, and neither are wedding days.  While I love photographing all of your details, my favorite images always end up being candid moments.  My approach to a wedding day combines a little photojournalism with stunning creative portraits.

When you laugh, it can’t really be anything but spontaneous , and it just makes the best photos. Ok, I like to capture a lot of cuddling and happy years too.  Every image is about you. Who you are together and the folks that make up your world.

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Real Couples. Authentic Moments. And Some Killer Portraits.  

Dave + Katelyn | Lovett Hall Wedding | Dearborn, Michigan

Words can’t describe the hundreds of loving looks that Dave gave Kate all day long or how many memories were running through mom’s mind as she watched her baby girl dance with her new husband, but I can tell you Dave and Kate are blessed.

Bride and Groom kissing at the end of a first dance at Arnaldos in Riverview Michigan
Lovely bride standing in the courtyard at the Inn of St. Johns

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There are so many pieces of a wedding that come together to make your day unique. I would love to set up a time to chat about who you are as a couple and what your wedding day vision looks like.

If it is easier for you, you can just call me at 313.657.0365.  You might get my voicemail. Just leave me a message, and I will get back to you right as soon as I can. My office hours vary based on the day, but we will easily find time to chat and get to know each other.  I am looking forward to it!




Michele is based in Metro-Detroit and is available to travel all over Michigan and beyond.   

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