Elizabeth has been in love with the 40s for as long as she can remember, and I think it was pretty immediate that when Brendan and Elizabeth started to plan their wedding day, they knew exactly what they wanted it to look like. This May, these two said their vows in the most lovely weather. […]

Brendan & Elizabeth | A Vintage-Inspired Wedding at the Longacre House | Farmington Hills, Michigan


I kind of never know where I want to be….at least when it comes to family or friends getting married.  I want to sit and enjoy the entire day…but I still can’t imagine coming without my camera.  When my dear friends starting planning this wedding, I was thrilled that I could photograph their day. Ashlee […]

Andrew + Ashlee | Intimate Church Wedding | Detroit, Michigan


Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark on a sentimental journey and enjoy every idle hour. -John Boswell Winter, when the world is blanketed in its very own white veil. It takes a special kind of bride and groom to choose a winter wedding. To go against the grain of […]

Jess and Kyle: An Italian American Club Wedding


Our family met Isabel a few years ago and soon she and her momma became family.  When they asked if I would photograph Izzy, I was completely honored.  I had secretly been hoping for a few years this beauty would step in front of my camera.  😉 This girl has talents and big dreams, and […]

Izzy: Class of 2016


Take a peek a Michael and Ashley’s lovely late summer wedding.

Michael + Ashley: Married


Nikki and Chris bring themselves and these beautiful little boys several times a year to see me.  It’s always like hanging out with old friends.  Well, and a camera.

The D Family