Alyssa+ Derek | Michigan State University Engagement Session | East Lansing, Michigan

January 31, 2018

Guy hugging girl very tightly

Alyssa and Derek have weddings plans for this coming August at Glen Oaks in Farmington Hills.  It’s bound classy and gorgeous. Back it up a bit, we had to shoot engagement photos.  We went back and forth about locations in the metro area.  Alyssa couldn’t decide where she wanted to shoot. And then it hit. They needed to be on the campus of their Alma Mater….where they met…but more on that later.

Man and woman walking and talking on the campus of Michigan State

Why was it so important to head to East Lansing?  We could have made incredible portraits anywhere, but there is something about a location that you are familiar with….that you want to return to…..that brings back memories.  And for them, it is Michigan State.

Here’s a little from Alyssa on how they met: Derek and I met at MSU through mutual friends. I went to high school with two of his best friends (groomsmen) and they invited my roommate and I to an event at their fraternity and introduced me to Derek there. I always joke with him that I knew his best friends before he did 🙂 He took me on our first official date to Olgas (which I hated, but pretended to like at the time.. we laugh about it now!). We dated our last 2 1/2 years at MSU, and then I continued my education with the accelerated second degree nursing program so we stayed in the area an extra year. We would go to campus often to walk our dog, Stella, and that’s where Derek proposed to me (in a little garden off Service Rd). So you can say we are huge MSU fans! It was very special to me to be able to take our pictures on campus where our story began & I’m so appreciative that you were able to make that drive for us. One thing that I love about Derek..I’ll give you two (one serious and one less serious 🙂 ). I love his dedication to making his dreams come true. Medical school is no joke and he studied so incredibly hard throughout his undergraduate degree and for the MCAT, and currently now in medical school at MSU. He works so hard in school every day, and I could not be more proud of him. And throughout all of his studying and assignments, he always makes time for family.   Okay – less serious – I love that he loves dogs! I am mildly obsessed and kind of got Stella without telling him (couldn’t get ahold of him that day – opps :)) and he was never mad and loves her just as much as I do!

So, you know that we had to get some images with Stella.

Dog walking in front of guy and girl in Spartan GearGuy hugging girl very tightly Couple walking towards Beaumont Tower holding handsGuy and girl in front of Beaumont Tower at Michigan State University in East LansingGirl looking at her guy in trees at Michigan State UniversityGirl hugging guy during engagement photos at Michigan State UniversityCouple dancing and kissing at Beaumont Tower on the campus of MSU


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