Alex + Josh | Wayne State University Engagement Session | Detroit, Michigan

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From Alex on how they met:  We went to elementary, middle, high school, and college together. I actually had a huge crush on him in 6th grade and wrote him a love letter but never gave it to him and hid it in my bed frame. The funny part is that my sister, who is 13 years younger than me, used that same bed as a crib and then as a real bed. When we had to disassemble the bed the love note fell out – this was when Josh and I had already started dating. Anyway, sophomore year of college, I was hanging out with an ex who I only assumed was trying to get back together and he invited Josh over for a bonfire. The rest is history. 🙂 

What a fun story!   Sharing the same elementary school all the way through college.  So, Wayne State was the perfect location for their engagement session. We spent some time on their favorite meeting and studying spots on campus, and then headed down to the Riverfront to catch the sunset.

Congrats guys!  Your wedding will be absolutely gorgeous!


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