Kendall + Morgan | Urban Engagement Session | Detroit, Michigan

February 18, 2018

Kendall and Morgan.  We met a few months back at Michelle and Robert’s wedding day, and when they called me to talk about their own wedding, I was just plain thrilled.  I am counting down the days with them until their fall wedding.

Just for fun, I asked each of them separately just to tell me a little more about each other.

Here’s what Morgan had to say:  We met in college. We lived next door to each other for a year. I had to wait 7ish years for Kendall to break up with her then-bf.  I had some college friends out to Colorado while I was living out there for a bit of a party. Honestly, at this point, I thought Kendall was going to marry her bf, had no idea what she was doing, how she was, etc. Buttttttttt, she came out! She came out on the trip, and everything instantly clicked. A month later, she came out to Denver by herself, and, what we consider our first date, we hiked a mountain! There was no doubt in my mind when she came back out to Denver, it was over. She was the one.

Of course, I had to ask his favorite things about Kendall: Oooo, this is tough.  My favorite thing about Kendall is her passion for life. Kendall has a constant pursuit of happiness that you don’t often see society anymore. The natural smile that she elicits when she’s in that element of happiness is so raw and beautiful. We have shared interests and hobbies that allow us to explore and search for that happiness together. We love to hike, camp, read, take trips, and it all comes back to that same pursuit. Even though we both know that we found it in each other.

And here’s a little from Kendall:  We met our sophomore year in college at GVSU where we were next door neighbors at a brand new apartment complex. The boys helped us move and we all immediately became friends! I had a high school boyfriend at the time, but Morgan and I immediately connected and became good friends. Looking back, we probably flirted more than we should’ve but I thought he did that with everyone! After that year I moved to MSU to do the Dietetics program. (I say meeting him was the only good thing to come of that year at GVSU). few years….my boyfriend & I broke up after 7 years of dating and Morgan was living in Denver.  We had lost touch over the years but then we had a GVSU reunion that they did every year and that year I decided to go! Morgan asked me where my boyfriend was and I told him we broke up. He responded, “Why didn’t you call me?!” Ha!A few months later Morgan invited us to Colorado to this property he got to rent through his work in Vail that was like 5,000 sq. ft. so I figured, why not go! We immediately reconnected, kissed, and boom the rest is history!Probably WAY more info than you wanted! But our first date we say is the time we climbed Mt. Albert together which is the second highest peak in the lower 48 states!I’d say my favorite thing about Morgan (this is hard to pick!) would probably his ability to bring out the best in me and always see the positive side of things. Also his constant desire to learn and grow; he’s always reading, studying and teaching me new things. It makes me want to be better! He comes home every. single. day. and says “heyy babee!” with the biggest smile on his face. I can’t tell you how heartwarming that is.   He is one of a kind

And you can see in the photos that Kendall is totally obsessed with everything about Morgan.  It’s just in the way that they look at each other.  Words can’t come close to describing these things.



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