Kyle and Lauren: Farmington Hills, MI

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These two.

These are the kind of people that make a mark on the lives of everyone around them.  As I began chatting with the Todd (the officiant), he made a comment to me to make sure to document every single moment.  And of course, I told my friend Todd, I would do that.  He said it in such a way that I assumed that he knew Kyle and Lauren well.  Maybe even family.  He was so vested in making sure that their day was perfect, he had to be family.

Well, he isn’t.  He just met them for counseling prior to the wedding. And he, like I, adored these two so much that he wanted to make sure they were happy.  But it wasn’t us. It is them. Kyle and Lauren have this glow about them and this happiness that is infectious. Family and friends laughed and cried with them the entire day rejoicing in what they know to be two people absolutely perfect for each other.

And I got to photograph this.  Still pinching myself.

Congratulations, Kyle and Lauren. I pray you live in the joy of your wedding day all of your lives.

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