Mysti & Jeff: Ann Arbor Engagement

Seriously, you couldn’t pinch me hard enough to wake from this dream.  Folks with musical talent just impress me like crazy.

And when I got the email from Mysti to plan their engagement session, I couldn’t have been more excited to photograph these two opera singers.

A little story from Mysti on how they met and their future—she tells it so much better than I:

Jeff and I met in college at LSU, and were close friends for three years before ever dating. We were in the same classes, worked at the same church, and lived at the same apartment complex and fell in love over time! When he was accepted to CCM in Cincinnati, I applied to Teach for America in Cincinnati and was also accepted, because even though we had only been dating a year, we both knew that we were for real! So, now that I am in school again, he has been able to pursue his dream as an opera singer with Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit. We can’t wait to get married in Louisiana, where Jeff is convinced we are moving back to asap, even though we both love it here in Michigan.

They will be wed this summer, and I imagine Louisiana will see two of the most sweet people…and the most amazing singers (yes, I asked them to sing) get married.  

Mysti and Jeff:  When you do move back home, Michigan will definitely miss you—but not before I see you perform.

Thank you for letting me capture these incredible images.


  1. Eden

    What a sweet couple! I love the last engagement picture—beautiful!

  2. Lauren W

    Beautiful pictures, details, and light!

  3. Corey

    Gorgeous Ann Arbor engagement session! Love the light, the colors, the love – perfection!

  4. Harshita

    Beautiful couple engagement session…such a gorgeous Ann arbor location. Love everything about the session!!!

  5. michelle

    Beautiful engagement photos, they look so happy and in love! It was a nice touch to add a write up about how they met, very sweet! I really like the location you used, where in Ann Arbor is it?

    • Michele Maloney

      Thanks Michelle! We spent most of our session right near the Law Quad on campus of the University of Michigan. It’s a favorite spot around here, and it is obvious why! Love it!.

  6. Lesley

    An Ann Arbor engagement session in the fall! Oh, this is simply perfect! And this couple is too cute! You did such a wonderful job showcasing their love. You can just "see" it in these images! So beautiful!

  7. Ashley Eiban

    I LOVE this engagement session! What a beautiful location- Ann Arbor is gorgeous this time of year! You captured their love so well! How in the world are they going to be able to choose a favorite?!

  8. Sabrina

    Ann Arbor! I’ve always wanted to visit the area whenever I’m in Michigan, it looks so trendy and chic. You can definitely see it in these gorgeous photos of the engaged couple! Beautiful engagement session!

  9. Courtney

    What a beautiful couple. The love between them is just jumping though my computer screen you captured them perfect. This location in Ann Arbor is the perfect place for an engagement session!

  10. amanda myers

    What a beautiful engagement session in Ann Arbor! I love opera and wish I could hear it too, I hope you’re able to see him perform soon. I love the fall colors and ring detail shot in the leaves. This couple was lucky to find a Detroit area photographer as talented as you.

  11. patty

    Oh, this engagement photography is just beautiful! Ann Arbor is lucky to have such a talented photographer.

  12. Dawn

    What a beautiful engagement session! This Ann Arbor couple is the real-deal. I love their story; how they were friends first and then fell in love over time… it’s so sweet and so perfect. And they have similar passions which is so important! Plus, they obviously have GREAT taste in photography because your work is gorgeous. 🙂 Lovely engagement photos, indeed.

  13. Christine D

    Such a beautiful fall engagement session! I love the trees and architecture there at Ann Arbor’s Law Quad! This couple chose perfect clothing too. I am sure their wedding will be gorgeous as well!


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