Jessica & TJ: Birmingham Engagement Session

February 17, 2015

There is something about an engagement session that speaks so much.  I love to spend a few hours with a couple to get to know them before their wedding day and make them feel really comfortable in front of my camera. But really, an engagement session is more than that. It’s who they are individually and more,  who they are are together.  It’s the looks that only he has for her.  It’s the giggle frozen in time when he says just the right thing.  And those few relaxed hours just make my heart sing.

Before you go through Jessica and TJs engagement photos, you need to know their story.  I didn’t write their story. They did. And they are writing a beautiful one. Here is a little from Jess:

“TJ and I were high school sweethearts. Actually, we were high school friends and did not start dating until TJ left for college.  After he had gone, he invited himself to be my date at the high school’s winter dance. That was the start of ‘TJ and Jess.’ When the fall came,I packed up and went to college–hours away from TJ.  Although we spent most of the first four years of our relationship apart, it made us realize how much we wanted to be together. After TJ graduated college, TJ invited me to spend the rest of our lives together. I said yes.  And we are excited to live happily ever after.”

Can you see why I adore these folks?  And why their Birmingham engagement session was so much fun?  We spent a few hours in Birmingham, walking the city, enjoying some of their favorite locations, and just hanging out. And, yes, getting sliders at The Hunter House. (Seriously, I have the COOLEST couples…)

There is one thing that stood out to me while spending this time with them. These two are happy! Like the kind of happy we all want and dream of.

So, what will I be doing this October? You guessed it! Photographing this gorgeous couple again and having the honor of documenting the day they say “I do!”. This to me is really, just awesome.

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