Elyssa and Joey: Frankenmuth Engagement Session

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Elyssa and Joey are getting married in late May.  It’s coming soon, and I know that they are counting down the days.

We met last summer and I adored them as soon as we started to chat.  Well, really it was the first phone conversation I had with Elyssa that I knew that every moment photographing them would be a dream.  Their laughs and real adoration for each other is inspiring, and this might be one of the best blind date stories ever–Joey was so nervous that he was quiet and Elyssa was worried the whole night he didn’t like her.  But if you met them, you would never know.

They are perfect together.

It couldn’t be helped. The first set of stairs we found in town, and probably my favorite set of stairs in Frankenmuth.  Gotta love the Bavarian Inn!

But we couldn’t leave out Zehnders, it wouldn’t be right. Especially if you get photobombed by the infamous Zehnder’s mascot, Drumstick.  That, and it was nice and warm in the lobby.  These two are just gorgeous, and it is just weeks until their wedding.

And the evening, a bonfire.  I loved every single minute on this engagement session. Every one.

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