Wedding days are made up of a million little moments in time these intricate little pieces of time get strung together to make the most beautiful patchwork quilt. And the totality of those moments makes art. But each little patch itself is a masterpiece. The wedding morning you might still be deciding on the best shade of the perfect lip and working hard to refrain from opening the weather app one more time. It’s mom’s hands as she helps with those tiny little loops. It’s made up of grandma gasping when she sees the dress and dad stopping in his tracks and not being able to finish his words. It’s the vows, the first kiss, and a whole bunch of other kisses since you can’t get enough of each other.



It’s a prayer from your new father in law asking for blessings on your marriage and choking up too since he knows that you two are right for each other. That first dance and then your best gals on the dance floor celebrating with you. It’s your favorite colors and flowers that set the tone, but it’s the people that you surround yourself with on that day. It’s the words, those things that matter the most, the commitment you make to each other that you will be lifelong best friends and lovers…it’s those words that I long put on print in your images.


I do look forward to chatting to you

~ michele x


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