Stephen & Letty

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Ann Arbor Elopement

Stephen and Letty.
There were literally periods throughout this day that I had to focus hard to just not cry.

Their narrative is sweet.   Stephen is a med student ready to start his residency. And Letty is prepping to finish her law degree. They are from two very different parts of the world and even though their first language is different, their souls were meant for each other.  She spokes her vows to him in English and Stephen, wanting to adore her as only he could, spoke his vows to her in mandarin.  MY HEART.

Just a few of their friends and family were able to attend the ceremony with a chuppah + a breaking of the glass, and I know that soon they will look forward to celebrating with Letty’s family in China.

What an honor to just a little part of their beginning.


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