Jessica + Jaymz | Maybury State Park Engagement Session | Novi, Michigan

July 20, 2017

man and woman looking at each other near the water at Maybury State Park

These two. I met Jess several years ago when she worked for the city of Farmington Hills.  She worked at a lovely place in town that held intimate weddings, and I would run into her whenever I was there working as a wedding photographer. She never failed to have the brightest smile and seriously just radiated when she walked into the room. She’s one of those people that brighten the room.

Imagine my happiness when we fast forward a few years later and I got an email checking with me on availability for next year.  Jess asked if I remembered her.

Um, there is no way anyone on the planet could forget her. She is gorgeous and has the brightest personality! So, of course, I was thrilled when I was able to be her engagement photographer and wedding photographer too.

She met the love of her life this way:

“Oh, our love story 🙂
Jaymz and I met a couple days after Thanksgiving, 2014 through mutual friends. At the time Jaymz was living in Warren and I was in South Lyon, so getting out to see each other wasn’t convenient-we actually didn’t have our first date until the beginning of February 2015. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, so it was pretty casual for the first several months…eventually, we started calling each other after work and every night before bed and spending every weekend either at his house in Warren or my house in SL.
He clicked with my friends super quickly (in fact I think some of them love him more than they love me) and when he met my dad there was just a really good connection, I remember when I hugged my dad goodbye he said “I love this guy.”
The proposal was sweet too. I have to preface this by saying that Jaymz is a funny man and every time I or someone else asked him when he was going to propose to me he would say “sometime next year.”  We have a new years tradition of having dinner at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, so we went there and had an awesome meal, went home and Jaymz insisted on watching the ball drop (even though we typically don’t). I was about to fall asleep! But right after the ball dropped he got on one knee and pulled out my ring (because it was “next year” now…you see, he’s funny)…
I have no idea what he actually said to me and apparently I didn’t even say yes, I just held out my hand and laughed/cried. It was perfect, just us in our home…I found out that a few days before he had met with my dad and my step mom and asked for his blessing, which melted my heart.  
I just love him and everything about our relationship. I love that he throws out jokes in the middle of an argument and makes me laugh so hard that I don’t remember why we’re arguing, I love that he kisses me goodbye every morning, I love that when he gets home he lays down for a few minutes and pets our cat Walie (because he is her WHOLE WORLD). He’s my rock and I can’t imagine a life without him in it.”

Does anyone else have something in their eye? I need a tissue! After knowing Jessica and hearing their love story, I couldn’t wait to Jaymz. You guys, they were everything. So romantic, so so many smiles, and so sweet too. We shot at Maybury State Park  and it was the perfect secluded area for such a sweet couple.

They’re going to make for an amazing bride and groom next May.  I can’t wait to capture their wedding day, and I’m pretty excited about the venue too. The Ford Avenue Piquette Plant was the birthplace of the Model T. Today it’s a museum for antique cars. Weddings take place directly on the museum so floor so guests will be mingling with antique vehicles throughout the night!

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