Danielle +Jesse

June 13, 2017

In just a few short weeks, Danielle and Jesse will be getting married.   Their story is one of my favorite stories.  Ever.

Danielle’s story:  Danielle was born in Reese Michigan. It’s a tiny town on the verge of the thumb in Michigan.  She wasn’t just a sweet little girl, but she was also very determined one. Her path took her on a full scholarship to Marquette University to play basketball.  Her career was wonderful, and I think she would tell you she wouldn’t change a thing. It’s ok for me to say it though, since I have known her since birth and her family is dear to mine.  After school, she took a full time position in  Milwaukee.

Jesse’s story:  Jesse was also born in a small town but moved in early childhood and remembers his home town in St. Helen, Michigan.  He grew up to be one of those guys who isn’t just smart and kind, but a hunter and fisherman. It’s a thing, and if you live in northern Michigan, life is pretty great if those are your hobbies.  But life took him out to Milwaukee where he decided that it was time that he might starting looking for the woman in his life.

Now enter the online dating scene.  The two chatted online for a while and got to know each other. While in the midst of figuring out backgrounds and life stories, Jesse asked Danielle where she grew up.  Her answer?  “Oh, you won’t know where it is. It’s a super small town in Michigan.”

He responded something to the effect of “Try me, I too was born in a small town in Michigan.”  When she told him the name, I can imagine he spit out his beer (well, they were in Milwaukee).   That small town Jesse was born in — Reese!  Imagine figuring out that your parents already know each other.  It either took the fun or scary out of online dating, right?

Well, all that being said, once they met, they were inseparable.

So we photographed them in Ann Arbor on their travels from visiting Michigan on their way back home to Milwaukee.  And they brought the perfect buddy to make the photos complete.

Congratulations, you two! I am looking forward to the wedding!

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