Guy kissing girl at Island Park in Ann Arbor Michigan

Chelsea + Aaron | Fall Engagement Session | Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Oh Ann Arbor. There is something positively radiant about walking the fall in Ann Arbor.  The campus is glorious and the trees are giving away their green to let beautiful colors overtake them.  The air is crisp, and in the fall, aren’t we ever so grateful for those last rays of sun?  Yes, we are, and fall makes such a lovely time to make photos.

Chelsea & Aaron soaked up that last bit of sunshine and man, it was like they were glowing from it. Maybe it was just that they really dig each other. Probably more of the former, but their engagement session kind of made me wish I could pause time and let fall stay just a little longer.

Congratulations, friends.  I look forward to your beautiful wedding day!

Couple on the campus on University of MichiganCouple sitting on a stairwell in Ann Arbor Michigan Couple cuddling at Island Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan Couple engagement session in Ann Arbor Michigan

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