Adriana & Kurtis

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Adriana told me a little bit about how she and Kurtis met. They were both involved in college athletics and friends had told them they needed to meet.   Neither were looking to be in a serious relationship….but this gathering happened. I am guessing one or two of those friends planned this party as a way to get them to meet, but I wasn’t there:).  They did spend a few hours playing cards and battling it out showing off their rap rap skills.  And then there were the shamrock shakes.   If “love at first sight” is a real thing, they might be the poster kids.   Within hours they felt such a deep closeness that there isn’t another way to describe it.

Fast forward a few years.   They are both very passionate about health and fitness and have a lot of our hobbies revolve around those things.   They love the Lions (the kind of love that proves itself with season tickets). And some of their favorite time together is spent with Juliette, their rescue dog.   They have a summer 2020 wedding planned, and since I know the plans they are making, I can promise, it’s going to be a showstopper.

Congratulations, Adriana and Kurtis!

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