Jess & Matt | Wyandotte Engagemement

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Jess and Matt were first introduced at Holly and Brian’s wedding last year.  When they called me late one evening about their wedding plans, we chatted for a while about all of the celebrations that would happen next summer.

But first, we planned to get together for an engagement session. They live in Wyandotte and love their town, and Jess told me she just was a home town kind of girl. And so we planned our session in the city they felt most comfortable.

And she was right.  Wyandotte was perfect for them.   You know its a session I won’t forget when we end up playing in the fountain.

Jess & Matt, I look forward to laughing with you on your wedding day as much as we did the week before last.  You two rock.

Aren’t they just gorgeous people?

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