Autumn & Ryan: Ann Arbor

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Autumn and Ryan drove a few hours from the west side of the state to get in front of my camera.

And boy, the trip must have been relaxing. The first images right from my camera proved that these two are not only in love but just naturally comfortable in front of the camera.  These two enjoy the outdoors and are avid sports lovers making Gallup Park the perfect location for our session (Ryan remembers some very intense training from high school here).  I personally enjoy the quiet of the park and getting to know Autumn and Ryan much better. These two have it.

They get what it means to love.  And I can imagine that anyone in their midst sees the same thing.

In January, these two high school sweethearts will take vows committing their lives to each other forever.

And I am so looking forward to seeing them again for that beautiful day.

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