The Groves Family | Lifestyle Session | Lake Erie Metropark

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So much of my year is spent photographing weddings, and I love them.  The connection, the excitement, the tears….it just so much of everything I love.  But every now and again, I am blessed with being able to shoot a family that I adore, and I get reminded that wedding days are just the start of a beautiful thing.

Amanda and Drew have a family of 4 beautiful girls, and we just got together at one of their favorite grounds for exploration. We just played for a few hours at Lake Erie Metro Park and let the sun sink in the sky during our time. We took a few posed portraits, but most of the time, we just let them be.  And  I left the time together remembering why weddings are so fantastic for me.  

I don’t know if it gets much better.  I selected just a few of my very favorite images from our time together, but it was tough to narrow down.

So grateful to call you friends!

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