Maria & Charlie

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When Maria and I first chatted about her wedding day, the scene I envisioned was something out of a dream.  The celebration is planned for the Eastern Market in June and the Detroit Wedding is bound to be nothing short of lovely.  Then, we started talking about ideas for their engagement photos.  Maria and Charlie are both in the military, and they weren’t 100% sure if they were going to make it back into town to be able to shoot…but as soon as Maria asked if it were ok to wear leopard print (since that’s her personality), I had high hopes that the trip to Detroit would happen and started planning all of the photos we would make.

They currently live in separate states and it’s so apparent how much they miss each other right now.    I can still hear Maria flirting and tell Charlie how cute he is…while he just glowed smiling at her.

Sidenote:  They love coffee (and I really like Madcap’s coffee…it is YUM) and Maria looks great in red lipstick. Need I say more?   Summer can’t come soon enough!

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