Shea & Chris | Detroit Engagement Session

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Sometimes when I am hanging out with my couples, I start imagining them with their friends. I always look forward to the exciting dynamics that make up a wedding party.

For Shea and Chris, I imagine that their friends and close family can see the connection and view them as awesome individuals but really just love the combination of the two of them together.

And these two together  are just fantastic, whether they are dressing up to hit a concert (how they actually met) or grabbing their bowling balls to hit their favorite hot spot. They just can’t stop smiling at each other.

We hit some fun spots in Detroit, and then headed up to capture some shots of them doing their most favorite thing in the world.

Chris and Shea, you have made my world just a little brighter, and I have now gone bowling twice since I have met you. Consider yourself awesome.

But I still can’t bowl.

I am much more equipped to capture you bowling together.  🙂

Summer 2016 will come fast, and I know your day will be a favorite for the books.

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