Candice and Travis

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Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary

Ok, these folks just made my whole week. We planned like crazy for an engagement shoot that really could be like no one else’s.  Candice is a foodie.  Not just she likes to cook a little or eat good food sometimes…but I think she actually made her own hazelnut spread to bring on their first date.

Travis may or may not have considered proposing right then.

I know that would have tempted my husband.  (Course, my husband didn’t ask about my cooking skills in college…thankfully, since Candice has been kind to text me ideas as I am finally learning to not only cook but to enjoy it).  They dressed up, we found a patch of gorgeous wildflowers and danced in the light and then had a picnic.  They brought ice cream for dessert (thanks Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams)!

Well, that wasn’t enough. We experimented with some smoke bombs.

and left the evening super late having enjoyed every minute of it!

May can’t come soon enough!

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