Allie & Josh | Camp Dearborn Engagement Session

August 21, 2018

This sweet engagement session was shot a Camp Dearborn–which is the place that is super special to Allie’s whole family.  They have been doing their yearly since before Allie was born, and it has become special to Josh as well.

Back up a few years…to when Allie and Josh met….

“Our beautiful and love-filled story began on October 15th, 2016 at past Tense After Dark, a haunted house in Lapeer. Standing in line on that cool October night is where I first met Josh. We were both there to partake in a social for my sorority and his fraternity. Later, I would find out that neither of us wanted to attend this social, but were both encouraged to do so by a friend. While waiting in line to walk through this haunted house I was talking with several of my sisters when we were approached by two extroverted fraternity men. Josh and I talked about our majors, our jobs, and when we would be graduating. Our conversation eventually led to a discussion about haunted houses and scary movies. I do not like scary movies and had never been to a haunted house before that night. When I told this to Josh he gave me what I refer to as a “classic Josh” look. Eyebrows raised, eyes wide, and his head just slightly tilted back. He made it his mission to get my sisters and I through the haunted house unscathed. He succeeded in his mission and told me “It was a pleasure guiding you and the squad through that haunted house.” His kind nature and charm led to hours of messaging back and forth later that night before I asked him out for coffee the next morning. Our coffee date lasted for several hours but felt like it was over in minutes. ”

It didn’t take long and they couldn’t be apart.

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