Robin and Remi

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Robin and Remi are planning a spring 2021 wedding, and so as soon as the weather turned lovely this summer, we met at Lake Erie Metropark (and yes, this little gem of nature is often overlooked, but I love it there). For the first few minutes, I was enamored with Rusty, their Goldendoodle. In all fairness, he was the second dog that stole my heart that week. And I am fickle and rarely try to convince my husband that we need a dog, but here I was. Just obsessing about this adorable buddy. Rusty hung out with us for just a bit, and then he went home with Robin’s parents so we could have time on our own.

These two initially met at Grand Valley State University, and while they hadn’t began dating until after college, they quickly settled into great jobs here with the most lovely pup.  It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention Remi’s motorcycles–there was a little fun jesting that Rusty might be able to get a friend if Remi bought a second motorcycle.  Hmmm, not sure it adds up, but it’s a decent debate.

So excited for the two of you! Congratulations, Robin and Remi!


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