Wesley & Katie | Longacre House

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Do you want to hear two people just swoon over each other? Do you want to be in the company of lovebirds that know they are the only two people that exist?

Well, then make a coffee date with Wesley and Katie.

Their love story started in high school.  Wesley just wanted Katie as a homecoming date and after a short time the two decided that they couldn’t be just friends. They were married 6 years to the day, and I am convinced we will see them celebrating October 11th for 50 years and counting.

Enjoy these photos.  I sure loved every minute of their day.

Since I love my daddy so much (and momma too), seeing a father beaming while walking his daughter down the aisle takes my breath away.  Katie and her father didn’t disappoint anyone, and right at the end when he looked at his lovely wife.  Stop.  I had to wipe my own tears.

Oh, and man, we ended the day with a great celebration at the Longacre House in Farmington Hills (one of my absolute favorite locations for intimate weddings).  You can just feel the love.

Congratulations and God’s Blessings my friends!

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