Sandra and Michael: Engaged | Ann Arbor, MI

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You know when you meet someone and you just wish they would end up becoming your next-door neighbor? The kind of people that you know would be great to chat with on a Saturday morning or have a bonfire with later that evening?  Well, that’s Sandy and Mikey.

This beautiful opera singer is finishing her masters at U of M while Mikey takes care of everyone as an ER nurse.  And they are planning a lovely summer wedding.  They make quite a pair, but it’s obvious that they are perfect for each other.

You can see the magic between these two in their photos. They are so gorgeous.   And in love.  I could have kept shooting them for hours.

But the sun went down, and I knew that l would at least get to photograph them again next summer.

To Sandy and Michael, I am thrilled to have captured the two of you here in these photos. I can’t wait to capture you committing the rest of your life to each other!   God’s Blessings, Friends!

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