Sarah & Ryan: Engagement Session

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Sarah and I talked late one evening to plan this session.  I knew just from that phone conversation that I was going to enjoy our time together immensely.  We planned to meet at their local park in Ypsilanti so that the images on their walls were captured in the park where Ryan proposed (we even grabbed a couple of photos on that very dock).  

We had a perfect day in late September.

Here are a few fun facts about Sarah and Ryan that I have to share with you.

Sarah and Ryan met in high school and have been madly in love since.

Sarah is finishing her degree in nutrition and Ryan hates vegetables.  But Ryan loves Google as much as the rest of us (and he works there).

Take note of the flowers in the later photos. They are special.  Sarah caught the bouquet at her sister’s wedding and sealed their fate. 

Sarah would not only be able to tell you how to eat well for life but then sew you something amazing to wear to such a fine meal (check out the GREAT handmade quilt in the photos below…a gift to Ryan).

Ryan loves Sarah even more than you can see in these photos, and it is apparent that they are best friends.


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