Eric and Krysta’s Detroit Wedding at The Whiskey Factory

July 9, 2024

Whiskey Factory Detroit Wedding

As a wedding photographer, capturing wedding days in unique Detroit locations is a dream. Eric and Krysta’s wedding was held at The Basilica of Ste. Anne and followed by a celebration at The Whiskey Factory in Detroit, MI and it was wildly better than anything I could imagine. Their wedding celebration beautifully showcased the essence of love and the happiness of sharing it with loved ones.

How they Met (from Krysta): “We met through mutual friends. We had been around each other in similar circles for a couple of years before we actually got to know one another really well. I used to visit his house at MSU with friends for parties and it wasn’t until Eric was home at a friend’s birthday party in 2015 that we connected at a bar and talked the entire night. A month later, I asked Eric to go to a Red Wings game with me. The rest is history.”

I got to the Aloft hotel where Krysta was getting ready, and her kindness hit me right away. As she was getting her hair done, she even offered to make us a smoothie—a really nice gesture that set the vibe for the whole day. Meanwhile, Eric was chilling with his groomsmen, having a good time together. The excitement was infectious as they swapped stories and geared up for the big day. Throughout the day, Krysta and Eric’s kindness and warmth shone through, showing that their wedding was all about spreading love to everyone around them.

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

Krysta’s aesthetic was simple yet elegant, perfectly complementing the historic charm of both The Basilica of Ste. Anne and The Whiskey Factory. The florals, designed by J. Costello Designs, were absolutely stunning. With free rein, the florist created arrangements that added a vibrant and fresh touch to the bouquets, arrangements, and the reception venue’s rustic-industrial vibe. I was obsessed with the florals. I think everyone was.

The ceremony took place at the breathtaking Basilica of Ste. Anne de Detroit. As Eric and Krysta exchanged vows, surrounded by the timeless beauty of this historic church, there were so many tender glances and moments of pure joy. It was impossible not to be moved by their love and the significance of this moment.

One of my favorite parts of the day was capturing the stolen glances between Eric and Krysta during the ceremony. These intimate moments are what make weddings so special. Krysta’s dress was another highlight—gorgeous and perfectly suited to her elegant style. When I asked Krysta and Eric about their favorite part of their day, they both agreed the ceremony hit the top of the list.

Portraits in the D

After the ceremony, we started their portraits outside the gorgeous basilica, capturing the beauty of the architecture. Then, we headed to Michigan Central Station, an iconic Detroit landmark that provided a dramatic backdrop for some stunning shots. We made our way downtown to The Belt and Parker’s Alley, where the vibrant murals and urban charm added a unique flair to their photos. Finally, we grabbed some shots along Woodward Avenue, with its bustling energy and historic buildings.

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

Cerebration at the Whiskey Factory in Detroit

The Whiskey Factory in Detroit stands out as a unique space. When I asked with Krysta and Eric about their decision to choose the Whiskey Factory, aside from its undeniable cool factor, this is what Krysta shared:

“We choose the Whiskey Factory for a few reasons.   Eric lived/worked in Louisville Kentucky for about 7 months and I would visit on the weekends. We went on bourbon tours at some of the distilleries and even went to the Kentucky Derby. Funny enough, our wedding day was the same day as the Kentucky Derby – I know you saw Eric and I with some of our guests watching the race during dinner. We loved the rustic look of the venue and it felt “on brand” for us.”

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

A few more notes from Krysta and Eric

Lastly, I asked Krysta to share a little advice if she would for couples planning their wedding. Since the day that we first talked, I know that they were going to be intentionally joyful and live in the moments of their wedding day…so I knew their advice would be really good–and don’t forget to get desert…”

“We are SO happy you suggested that we join our cocktail hour. We got to mingle and talk to our guests before the reception so that we could actually enjoy the reception and dance and be together. I would tell anyone I knew getting married to join the cocktail hour if they could. 

Also, just relax and take in every moment. Enjoy the day. Eric and I both have such laid back personalities that it’s hard to rain on our parade but I know so many couples have a stressful day. Everyone always says “something is going to go wrong” and I can confidently say that nothing went “wrong”, our day was perfect and I really don’t think I would’ve changed one thing. I think a lot of that has to do with mindset – so just be happy. 

I take that back, we both forgot about the “Detroit Favorites” dessert table and didn’t have a single dessert (other than our cutter cake) and that regret really hit hard the next day.”

Eric and Krysta, congratulations. We wish you the best. I hope that you live every day as intentionally joyful as you did at your wedding.

The Vendor Team

This beautiful day wouldn’t have been possible without an incredible team of vendors:

Off to New Adventures

After a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments, Eric and Krysta jetted off to Antigua for their honeymoon. I have no doubt that their future together will be just as beautiful and joy-filled as their wedding day.

Eric and Krysta, thank you for allowing me to capture your special day. Your kindness, joy, and love for each other made this wedding truly unforgettable. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

The Whiskey Factory Detroit wedding images | Michele Maloney Photography

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