Bride and groom just pronounced husband and wife

  These wonderful, beautiful souls ended my 2020 wedding season with moments at Pine Knob that went on and on, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Let me spill the beans–Leah is a wedding planner, and so she picked a team that let her just enjoy all of the things on her wedding day. […]

Jason and Leah


Ok, these folks just made my whole week. We planned like crazy for an engagement shoot that really could be like no one else’s.  Candice is a foodie.  Not just she likes to cook a little or eat good food sometimes…but I think she actually made her own hazelnut spread to bring on their first […]

Candice and Travis


This year has been all about the word pivot.  New plans, new ideas, change.  Grocery shopping, restaurants, and even how we visit with loved ones. Elaborate large planned events have changed, and at first, I was disappointed.  As a part of my job, I get to attend and work at some huge celebrations with a […]

Nick and Kiah


Ben and Hannah’s wedding day was lovely. It looked a little different maybe than what they had planned, but I had said it 100 times this year. The joy and happiness of these more intimate weddings have highlighted some of my favorite things about wedding days.  Pivoting kind of stinks, right?  But we get to […]

Ben and Hannah


Emily and Joe As I sit here thinking about what I could possibly say to tell you about Emily and Joe, I am extremely conscious of my lack of words that could make you understand the depths of their sweetness with their loved ones and each other.   So, thankfully, I know you can look through […]

Emily and Joe


These two are bold and totally full of life. Like, the kind of folks that will get on shoulders on the dance floor on their wedding day.  And show off their real attitude, huge grins,  and deep love all of their people.  Jon and Moriah were married at Gem Theatre. Tim Dew, a dear friend, […]

Jon and Moriah