Every once in a while, I 'll get asked why I do what I do. It's not everyone's dream job to haul around a ludicrous amount of camera gear on most Saturdays….but it's been my dream job for a while. I mean a long while...since the days of film…and I get to spend my days capturing raw emotion and making some crazy awesome photos for people. It's a total thrill.

Weddings are a big deal. I look back at my wedding, which was freaking fantastic, and I still am glad that there was a camera. The people that made up our world and caused our worlds to collide celebrated this day with us. But you know, the photo that I will love the most probably forever is an image my photographer took as she was walking out of the church. My husband was waiting for the limo, and it was cold so I sat right on top of the old church heater. Instantly, my guy removed my shoes and rubbed my feet. He just has a heart of service and while the photo wasn't technically fabulous and no one on earth would have pinned it on pinterest, its the image I would never take down off of my wall. It means that much.

I capture the stuff that makes you stop, take a deep breath, and remember that moment. That thing that happened. Those words he said.


hi! i'm

belly laugh

tears of joy

gentle touch

soft whisper

family prayer

heartfelt embrace

Always looking for the next 

this is us

Firecracker and the life of the party. He is bright, crazy bright, and super quick witted. And oh, those freckles. Which makes me love summer all the more….we get ALL of the freckles. 


Our little lovebug. He's always looking for the chance to cuddle and he's the best at giving all kinds of compliments. But it doesn't matter since he can get whatever he wants with those dimples.  


Killer artist. Handsome. He is always happy, drawing something, and of course, using my camera to make images that floor me.


Brian and I met in college, and I think it was within a few weeks of a brand new relationship that some girl said, hey I think you guys are gonna get married.  Little awkward at the time, but woah, she was right  He's the guy that inspires me to remember love is something you do, and you get to feel the mushy stuff when you do the things. And its doing ALL the things that makes marriage awesome.  It's really freaking awesome to be married to him.  And just the cherry on top, we have three killer boys.

"The most fearless hearts, the audacious dreamers, have always maintained a sense of optimism that often flies in the face of the available evidence."


They are the ones that celebrate your victories and love and keep you standing when you feel afraid. They are your tribe and they should be celebrated.

people you love
love you matter most.

and that


there can never be too many laughing photos. Ever.

is the

best thing


whether it is laughing, crying, shrieking with joy, and rocking out to some journey (and yeah, it's still ok to do that)...it should all be documented. 

It's all about the



we believe
Let's document your story

Capturing the ones who only have eyes for each other.