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I think we all have that one photograph don’t we? You know the one, it’s the one that would break your heart if it was lost or damaged. It might be a childhood photo that brings a flood of happy memories, it might be a picture of a loved one who is no longer with us or it might just be a quick snap from a wonderful day. For me, it’s one of my wedding photos. It’s not your typical romantic portrait or a moment filled with emotion. It’s a candid capture of a quiet moment shared. My new husband was taking off my pretty little shoes since they already hurt as we waited for the limo to arrive. It’s not a really pretty picture but it embodied the way that he showed love.  It’s still framed in my house nearly 15 years later.

I want you to have images of your day to remember not only the little details but also of the big moments that make up your day.  We will make fine art portraits.  We will also make sure your day allows for you to just breathe and enjoy the people that you love.  That’s when the magic happens.  Those beautiful images for a portion of your day, but my favorite images are always the ones that I just watched unfold in front of my camera.

You have my ear whenever you need it.  I have an incredible list of vendors that I love to work with that you will have access to. We will go over your timeline and figure out how to make your day the most fabulous and stress-free it can be.  You might just call me to have some coffee, and that’s cool too.

Wedding Collections begin at $2650.  All of my collections include an engagement session (I love them) and the high-resolution files of your beautiful wedding day.

If you are having a smaller affair, let’s chat. I adore intimate weddings.  Collections for intimate weddings begin at $1850.

So if you are just starting to plan your wedding day, sit down, grab a coffee and have a browse through the blog.  

Bride and Groom kissing at the end of a first dance at Arnaldos in Riverview Michigan
Lovely bride standing in the courtyard at the Inn of St. Johns


Michele is based in Metro-Detroit and is available to travel all over Michigan and beyond.   

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