Need someone to shoot your wedding with style & a sense of fun streak a mile wide? Then pull up a chair and keep reading.

I’m delighted that you’ve found me. If someone sent you, let me know so I can send them a hug (or cash, depending on who it was). If you’re looking for a photographer who strives towards the magical, the perfect or the impossible frothiness of fairytale romance…then you might be in the wrong place. I love people, pure and simple. They’re what makes a great wedding.

Should you hire me as the creative, contemporary wedding photographer of your dreams, I’ll commit myself to snapping the moments that really mean something to you. At my own wedding, my standout memory is of my husband rubbing my feet once I had discarded my viciously high wedding heels. It meant more to me than any other moment during the day: it wasn’t posed, or arranged or even particularly thought through. He just knew me and what I needed. The print is framed and hangs in our home, and never fails to remind me how cool he is.

When it comes to your wedding, I’ll be constantly on the lookout for the moments that matter.

Its might be easier to read through a few frequently asked questions…..

How do you approach a wedding day?  

The photos are important, but the MOST important thing about your wedding is that you enjoy yourselves. If you’re having fun, incredible photos will follow. We’ll make time on the day for more formal photos, but most of the day will be captured docu-journo style (as in, I’ll be taking photos of the day as it happens, getting lots of great natural moments), but I won’t miss those beautiful formal shots with your grandparents either.  

While we might do a bit of posing and smiling for the formal photos (although that’s really up to you!), most of the day will be captured naturally. There’s no need to seek me out and grin at the camera while you’re dancing. I want you to be relaxed and enjoying every moment.

That said, if I see some great light during the day, I might grab you for a few quick shots in front of the sunset.
I try to keep things candid, but will arrange the shot if it needs it. Asking you to step into better light, suggesting you lift your chin slightly, but you’ll never feel too “staged”. I tend to use a photojournalistic style, but I won’t miss those beautiful formal shots with your grandparents either. 


We aren’t sure if we need an engagement session or not. Is it something you would recommend?

Absolutely. It makes for better photos on the wedding day as you’re already relaxed around me. I especially recommend it for couples who aren’t crazy about having their photo taken. From the beginning, I’ll take the time to get to know you both, to find out what makes you tick. The better I know you, the better the photos will be. It helps me to plan the engagement session, but more importantly, it enables me to create a beautiful collection of photos that you’ll love.

When do engagement sessions happen?  

Engagement sessions are done during the week (Fridays aren’t always available since I do sometimes shoot Friday weddings) I typically like to shoot engagements about two to three hours prior to sunset when the light is at its most gorgeous.

Where can we shoot our engagement session?

Wherever you like (within reason, I can’t travel to Scotland for an engagement shoot. Then again, maybe I could…). I have a list of my favorite places that I can recommend that make for beautiful engagement shoot locations, or have a think about somewhere you’d like to go that’s special to you.

How much should we budget for great wedding photos?

My packages start at $2850, but I create my collections on a bespoke basis so that you get a service that’s exactly tailored to you. Therefore, that’s just a guide. Depending on whether you want prints, canvas, albums or any other extras or if you are having a more intimate affair, let’s chat on how we can 

Do you have a second photographer?

If you want one, I have one. Usually, I find just me is enough but some bigger weddings might need two shooters.

Do you use a shot list?  

For most of your day, I don’t. I prefer to capture the details and layout of the day as they happen. I will absolutely make sure to find However, I do help you work on a family shot list for formal photos to keep the moms happy. We don’t want to miss any crucial family members.


We haven’t planned a big event before. Can you help with my wedding day schedule?  YOU BETCHA. I’m happy to help. Give me a call and we can chat and work through a timeline that gives you plenty of time to get the shots you want and have the best day ever.  


Do you do albums?  

Yes, I offer gorgeous heirloom-worthy leather albums.  All thick pages and luscious quality – you’ll love them as much as I do.


How does album design work?

After the wedding, you’ll probably spend hours going over and over the day via your lovely photographs. But what do you do with them after you’ve shown all your friends and family? Some couples ask me to custom design the entire album, but often I’ll ask you to choose your top twenty absolute favorite images and I’ll craft the album to tell the story of the day based on those images. I also offer an amazing ‘Parent Album’ (or Grandparent Album) which makes an amazing Christmas or Thank You gift.


Can I get professional prints?  

You sure can. You can order your professional prints direct from your online gallery. They’re super high quality and look amazing and, in my humble opinion, are 100% better than getting them printed at the drugstore. But that’s up to you, I won’t put pressure on you either way.

So this all sounds great. How do we book?

Easy. I’ll send you a contract to sign and then we’ll secure your date.


Can you hold a date for us?

Of course! After you have signed your contract and taken care of the retainer, the date is completely yours. Wedding days are booked on a first come, first serve basis.


Do you have recommendations for other vendors?  

I do! I’ve been doing this a long time so I’ve got a pretty incredible list of great people to use for your wedding. As soon as you’ve booked, I’ll be sending over several emails: one will be all about your engagement session and the other is a list of vendors that I’d recommend wholeheartedly. I only wish they’d been around when I got married!


How many wedding images do we receive?  

For an average 8-hour wedding, somewhere between 650-950 images. Each wedding day is different though.


Do I get the high-resolution files from my wedding day?



How do you edit photos?

Carefully. I like to showcase your day as it unfolded and make the memories you already have more vivid. I hand-edit every single image to make sure the lighting is excellent, but I try not to mess with them too much. In the coming years, I want your images to truly reflect your wedding day. My editing and finish work has a classic feel and, while I dig trends in photography, your wedding photos will be passed down to your grandchildren and I want them to have a timeless feel.  


Do you do black and white images?  

Oh, yes. I love a little monochrome here and there.


How long does it take to get my wedding images?  

On average, 8 weeks. Sometimes a little sooner…

How long does it take to get my engagement photos?

Around 2 weeks.

Why buy an album?

Well, naturally you don’t have to. Weddings are expensive and you won’t be under any pressure from me to purchase add-ons. All I will say is that they make beautiful, timeless heirlooms and they’re worth doing right if you decide you’d like one. 

Bride and Groom kissing at the end of a first dance at Arnaldos in Riverview Michigan
Lovely bride standing in the courtyard at the Inn of St. Johns

Michele is based in Metro-Detroit and is available to travel all over Michigan and beyond.

 313-657-0365 | | Metro Detroit

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