Dustin & Nikki | Millcreek Barn in Waterlviet, Michigan

December 6, 2016

Nikki and Dustin have been planning their wedding for years.  Vintage + country were the two things that probably best describe Nikki’s aesthetic, and the Millcreek Barn in Watervliet was just the place she had envisioned.  It was just THEM.

The morning’s weather started out a little rocky , and we just prayed that the heavy clouds were cleared up.  Gift were exchanged.  Hair and makeup were done just right.

The clouds made way for blue skies, and they got married outside.

To Dustin and Nikki, we love you, and we are so happy that you have taken this big step in life.  Brian and I will pray for your marriage and be there to help and support you.

P.S For anyone reading, you might have guessed something is a little different with this wedding. Nikki is my husband’s sister and in September, we got a new brother. 🙂  But wait until my next wedding post.  My own brother was married just weeks before Nikki and Dustin got married. So, yes, my family had quite had quite an eventful month.  And it couldn’t have been more fantastic.

Venue: Millcreek Barn
Decor:  DIY with lots of love
Music:  Music Unlimited
Cake:  Dee’s Specialty Cakes
Cake topper: hand crafted by the groom



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