Meet Sam. He’s all sorts of cool, athletic, and has a great sense of style.  One of my favorite things we did was bring the boat that he restored to photograph…you can see it turned out just perfectly. Congratulations, Sam!

Sam: Grosse Ile Class of 2019

girl walking on beach in leland

Oh Leland. Leland, Michigan is one of those town places where if you visit once, you can’t imagine not going back. You just have to make it back. For my family and Megan’s, Leland is a yearly adventure full of beauty, salt-free beaches, and the most wonderful light I have ever seen. So, when Megan […]

Megan | Class of 2017 | Leland, Michigan

high school senior girl

Just a few of my favorite portraits from Ally’s senior shoot at the Eastern Market. This girl is New York bound, but that’s not hard to imagine now, is it?  It’s gonna be Detroit -vs- Everbody in New York, and I think Ally will take them all! Congratulations Ally!

Ally: Class of 2017


Megan’s senior year was busy.  It was full of friends and fun and a lot of planning.  But I am think that’s just how it is for seniors.  For me, I was thrilled to get to shoot two portrait sessions for Megan. She has two cities she loves in her life. She grew up near […]

Megan’s Ann Arbor Session


I just can’t write today. Not when I am writing about Kelsi.  If you know her, you know that she is brilliant. Like the kind of smart that has schools knocking down her door.  I won’t brag on her too much in case she kills me.  But just know, she’s as smart as she is […]

Kelsi: Class of 2016

Graduating Seniors

A few years ago I met my friend Amy.  Since then, I have had the privilege of photographing wonderful events and milestones for the Hogg family. This year was just a little different. The girl in the house is graduating, and she is not only lovely but also really something special. Beth is definitely an […]

Beth: Class of 2016

Graduating Seniors