Claire + Jake | Downtown Engagement Session | Detroit, Michigan

Sometimes fate takes you hundreds of miles from home and puts you right where you need to be to meet the person who is going to change your life. Jake is from Iowa and Claire is from Michigan. They met by chance, or maybe by design, when they both joined AmeriCorps to live in tents and help restore hiking trails throughout Iowa for an entire summer.

Sparks were flying instantly during orientation and they hadn’t even talked to each other! He remembers the exact outfit Claire was wearing that day.  She remembers telling her friend about how special the boy with golden red hair was.

The rest is like a storybook. They were inseparable during their time volunteering. The two worked 10 hour days with each other and spent weekends together.  When the summer ended, Claire and Jake dated long distance for a whole year until Jake decided to move to Michigan.  It was on a trip to New York to visit Claire’s brother that Jake asked her to marry him.

Jake and Claire are just really cool folks, the kind of people I like to hang out with. So I knew I was going to enjoy their Detroit engagement photos. I was also really looking forward to seeing what Claire was going to wear. Claire’s favorite obsession is what to wear. She knows it. It’s her thing. She even has a blog about it called Claire Wear! She ended up putting together an article titled “How to have a perfect engagement session” and it’s full of awesome tips from picking out what to wear to choosing your photographer.

I loved the way Claire styled their outfits – those Christian Louboutin shoes were seriously killer! Oh boy, their wedding is going to be this September and it’s going to be so dreamy. I can’t wait for my next coffee date with Claire so I can see more of the wedding plans and catch up!

In the meantime, enjoy their engagement photos.


Beautiful blonde woman and red headed man during Detroit Engagement Photos Beautiful blonde woman and red headed man during Detroit Engagement Photos Beautiful blonde woman and red headed man during Detroit Engagement Photos

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