The Maloney boys

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Well, it’s here. It’s time to meet the Maloney boys.    One at a time and then you get to see them together.

Seth is our oldest. He’s 9, quirky, cool, and just plain wild. In a good, godly, and BOYish way.

And he is our art guy.   Well, drawing. He could draw day and night, and my husband and I knew since he was three that he had a skill that neither one of us could come close to claiming as our own.

Ahhh, Noah.  Noah was born 7 years ago.  This kid was our tough newborn, but he has been making it for it since with that curly hair, dimples, and the most charming personality ever.

He is fierce.  He is passionate, and he is loyal.  And he is working on his ukulele game.

Our youngest Luke is by far the most interestingly unpredictable human. He is definitely independent and super quick witted.  He is the one in the family that loves cats (there is always one, right?) and doesn’t care we don’t like cats.

He also has only one volume (we call it concert volume), and is a load of fun to be around.

But really, there is nothing more fun than having them all in the same room together.  Yes, they are this much fun.  Pretty much all of the time.

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