Stephanie & Nick: Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit

Let’s go back to the week before last.  It’s Thursday.  I am nearing Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit.
As soon as I was behind the gates, I felt like I was entrenched in history.  That place is incredible.

This was the spot to make Stephanie and Nick’s engagement photos.  The two of them met several years ago and have been finishing their formal education and career developing these couple of years. They enjoy each other (as you can see from the gorgeous smiles and laughter below), but there is more. They have a crazy-cool pastime.

Stephanie has been a part of a reenacting family since she was six and introduced Nick to the joy of participating in our rich history through reenacting.    Stephanie and Nick belong to the 17th Michigan, Company E reenactment unit based out of Greenmead Historic Park in Livonia. This is why they get to wear this rad period clothing.

So, not only are these folks super gorgeous, smart, and in love; but they are also just super interesting as well.  And we could have hung out for hours at the fort.  Well, we did hang out for hours.  I was enamored.

Stephanie and Nick, your wedding day is going to be so special.  I truly look forward to capturing your day.

P.S.  If you are available (and you should make yourself so), Stephanie and Nick’s company will be reenacting at Historic Fort Wayne on Sunday, September 13th.  It’s already on my calendar.  Don’t miss out!

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