Kristen & Chaz : Detroit Engagement Session

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So many things, there are just so many things  I could write.

First, you have to know, that these two together are really made for each other.  Having known Chaz since our Chippewa days, I can attest that Chaz is the most happy he has ever been.

Kristen makes him THIS happy.

Chaz and Kristen met about 5 years ago working summer jobs (Chaz is a teacher most of the year).  I am guessing that she was just too cute for him NOT to ask her out.   Dating wasn’t on Kristen’s mind, since  she was still a student at MSU.   But something told her one little night out would be Ok, and especially if he took her to see Toy Story 3.  He did, and Chaz turned out to be irresistible.

Kristen soon found herself wanting to spend every waking moment with Chaz.  He was just the one for her.

I know, without a doubt,  that Chaz feels the same about her.  He just looks at her and lights up.

December 12th they will be married.  It’s going to be one fantastic celebration.

Love you guys!

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