Anthony: Class of 2015

Meet Anthony. 

Writing this post is a little harder than most, since I’ve been calling this young man  “Little Anthony” since he was actually a little boy.   He was a vibrant boy who used to come to our new house when his parents  (Brian’s Uncle Tony and  Aunt Kris) were helping us get started in our new life.  And he was a joy to be around.

He was always full of energy and as a little guy loved sporting his Tigers gears to as many games a season as time would allow.  So, we needed to take a few shots at Comerica.


He loves his Detroit Tigers, but now, you need to know his passion.  

Anthony’s grandma gave him his first trombone at a mere 6 years old and, then shortly after, he started playing the upright bass.   Mom and dad spend years helping him cultivate his dreams and music love through camps and private training.  High school allowed him to be a part of the Wind Ensemble, two orchestra groups,  the Full Symphony, and the Jazz Band.

He played in the Pit Orchestra for numerous musicals for three years in The Detroit Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and then spent three years in the Detroit Symphony Civic Orchestra.

(and yes, I was thrilled to do some of his photos at Orchestra Hall)…go ahead, and swoon over the photos! 


We witnessed some of the most beautiful concerts, and it is simply amazing to me the talent that we are able to call family. And he has not only been a diligent student, but a tutor and teacher to those beginning on his path. 

What’s next for Anthony?

He’s attending Wayne State University studying music on a full scholarship.

So, I ask this. Could Anthony be anymore wonderful?  I can’t even begin to imagine how.  But I know that we are blessed that he is staying near home, and we get to spend the next few years listening to his beautiful music.

God Bless You, Anthony!

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