The Mathis Girls: Grosse Ile Studio Session

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Before you get to wondering, no, these two beauties aren’t professional models.  They are just beauties.

Tegan and Adia belong to a couple of our closest friends.  Tegan is soft, loving, and just a pleasure to be around.  Adia is full of energy (and that is not a term for a stinker), vibrant,  and will definitely be the most adventurous girl we know. Our family loves these two both with all of our hearts.  And while God has given the Maloney house only boys, He has blessed us with the dearest friends that share the joys of little girls with us.

Thank you, Matt and Jen, for bringing your fabulous little girls….fairy houses and all…to the studio.

I love these.  A lot. 

P.S.  Aren’t those hand-crafted fairy houses just incredible?  Yes, Tonya Arevalo, I am calling you out. Your talents amaze me yet again.


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