Meet JP: My little buddy (and nephew): Grosse Ile newborn

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Between my sister and I, we have six beautiful, rugged, playful, and awesome boys.  You hear and see enough of mine, so I thought I would share the sweetness of her family.

Meet Jonathan Patrick.

He was definitely a surprise and a blessing for so many reasons.  For me (and my sister) pregnancy is the longest 9 months that exist.  Due dates seem forever in the future, and we waited…not knowing if this child would be a little girl or a little boy.

Finally, the day came that we were going to meet that baby!  One of her boys was at my house, and we all waited patiently for the news of a safe delivery.  The news came, and it was happy news of a little boy!

So, of course, I went to the hospital that evening and snapped a few photos, but the family did come to the studio for some updated family photos.   They turned out pretty fabulous, and so we are designing layouts of some of these images. Time to fill up those big beautiful walls!

Adam, MaryAnn, Eddie, Oliver, and JP….we love you so much.  xoxo

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