Matt: Class of 2015

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I want to introduce you to Matt.    He is a really cool guy with big dreams, and I am pretty sure he will accomplish them and more.   Here’s a little more about Matt (I had a little help writing from my friend and Matt’s mom Tracy): 

Matt has always been obsessed with sports (especially baseball), so when we found out that it was possible to use Comerica Park as the setting for his senior pictures, we jumped at the chance.

Some may question who was more excited about being able to shoot senior pictures on the field at Comerica Park – Matt or Michele. (Hmm, Tracy, I think it may have been a tie…but I was much more giddy the entire time).  In between shooting, we toured every corner of the ballpark, including the press box, the clubhouse and the dugout.  If you’re a baseball fan (and we are HUGE fans), this is just about the most exciting thing you could think of.  

If you know Matt, you know that he is a very driven, goal-oriented young man who will stop at nothing to achieve greatness in the goals he sets for himself…and the goals are no small feat.  Because of this drive, it is easy for anyone who meets him to see that he is the go-to person for any task that requires high quality and strict management.  His video production teacher saw this potential in him and, therefore, asked Matt to be the first Junior year director for his school’s video production of their daily announcements.  During Senior year, Matt also started his own radio show (and the first of its kind in his school district).  All this hard work is just the start of what is sure to be a long, successful career in the telecommunications industry.  Matt plans on attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in the fall with a major in sports media production…right up his sports-obsessed alley.

Tracy was right…when I was asked to capture Matt’s senior photos in his very favorite place, I was nervous, insanely nervous. I grew up a few hours north of here, and so going to Tiger Stadium when I was little was something that didn’t happen more than once in a great while. But we were die hard fans.  My grandma used to have the games on am radio…every single one of them….on her farm. So, no one was allowed to make noise when she was listening to Ernie.  

And not only did I enjoy touring some of the coolest parts of Comerica Park, I was able to photograph a fantastic guy in his element.  Matt, I can’t wait to see what you will do!


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