The Mathena’s: Shot in the coolest basements I have ever set foot in

My dear friend Shannon asked me to schedule their yearly portrait session.  And seriously, I love to photograph Parker and Anabelle. They show up and we can take the most interesting photos just because these kids show up.

This time, Shannon wanted something different. Something to rival her bright sense of style…and she found it.  We spent a couple of hours exploring the basements of some really cool buildings Downtown Detroit.  I knew that I would be impressed with anything that Quicken Loans does (I am a past Quicken gal….and loved every minute of it), but I was in awe of the Federal Reserve building and the Chrysler House.  

People work here.   Still in shock.

Back to the photos though. You can’t argue that Park and Anabelle aren’t model material. You just can’t. Thanks Shannon and Russ for letting me photograph your gorgeous people.   Here are just a few….

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