The Daher Family in Ann Arbor

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Early this summer, Krystina sent me an email.  We started chatting here and there about family photos in the fall.  We talked about clothing, colors, locations, and all sorts of things.

I knew it was going to be a good session, but I didn’t know that I would absolutely fall in love with this family.  

We met in Ann Arbor after we had to reschedule due to rain.  I wanted the time we spent together to be perfect.  

It happened. Every bit of it. Abe and Krystina are in love and adorable.  No, I didn’t shoot the first photo first.  But.  That light hit near those trees….and they did this. Adam with his adorable curls and sweet face, made exploring Ann Arbor fun for all of us.    Oh, those curls.  

And yeah, their images make my heart sing.

My dear Daher family, I am thrilled to call you friends.  

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