Katie & Wesley: Engaged Farmington Hills, MI

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Wesley and Kate grew up in Farmington Hills. Their friends, their family, and lots of beautiful memories are there.  And when I asked Wesley to tell me more about how he met his future wife, he wrote something so sweet, I had to copy it verbatim.

“So we both went to North Farmington High school together. Senior year I needed a date to homecoming. I knew who Katie was and had a physics class with her junior year. She had dated a friend of mine but they broke up junior year. I knew she probably needed a date and I had always thought that she was really nice. I decided to ask her to homecoming but it took me a whole week to finally ask her. The week before homecoming we started hanging out more and I decided that I really wanted to get to know her more since we really didn’t know much about each other. We went to a little coffee shop and ended up talking for over three hours and didn’t even notice until we saw the owner start to close up. 

That night I knew that I liked her more then just as a friend. She was just so amazing and I wanted to really get to know her. We went to homecoming and that night after the dance I ended up asking her. We have been dating ever since even though we go to two different colleges. Loving her has been so easy and  she is just so perfect! “

But they have relocated to the gorgeous west side of the state for school and now work…and to start their life together.  But first, they will get married where they are from, and I was grateful to be able to capture their engagement session in their home town.

One little more tidbit of information. Wesley and Kate started dating on October 10th, 2009 and will be married on October 11th, 2015.  Six years almost to the day!

And yes, there were too many great ones to post (and some adorable save the dates too)….so enjoy their love and just a few of their favorites.  You can’t help but smile through this entire session. I know I did!

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