Mr. & Mrs. Pilon | Wyandotte, Michgan

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There is so much I could say.  I could write paragraphs about David and Michelle and how much they adore each other, how much their friends adore them, and the incredible fun that they are to be around.  

But I don’t need to do that.  You can see every bit of love when they look at each other in these images from their wedding day. You can see how David lights up when Michelle is anywhere near him.  And she looks at him the same way.  But really, you can see that their lives will be filled with not only love but also humor….and a lot of humor.  

David and Michelle were married in at St. Francis of Cabrini in Allen Park with a reception at the Wyandotte Italian American Club.  But, I have to say the stop at Elizabeth Park and then the Wyandotte Theater that brought them together was pretty great.  

I couldn’t pick a favorite. I couldn’t even pick 20 favorites.


To the new Mr. & Mrs. Pilon, thank you for being so stinking awesome and letting me capture that awesome-ness.

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