John & Michelle | Longacre House

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Johnny and Michelle have been together for years, and they knew for some time that they were meant to be husband and wife.  Many months of confirming details, wondering what the weather would be like, and planning for Dracula’s care during their wedding brought us to their spring wedding in Farmington Hills. Set at the lovely Longacre House, they knew that their intimate wedding would be well taken care of in every way.

The morning started out dreary. And frankly, I was concerned leaving the downriver area. It was storming and pretty nasty.  And I was praying it would not be wet for the day that Michelle and Johnny had been dreaming about.

Once at the house, the clouds began to part.  Flowers on the Avenue set up and delivered the most lovely arrangements and the entire house was aglow with the colors that Michelle had pictured in her mind.

As you can see, the sun came out for us that April day.   So I took every advantage to capture it with my beautiful bride and groom.

Johnny and Michelle–thank you for letting me capture the images from your day. 


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