Getting Everyone Together: Metro Detroit Family Photographer

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Let’s do this.

If you have a family, especially a big family, I bet that THIS family would tell you to take the time to book and coordinate a family session.  Sure, it is a lot of planning.  You have to think about the color scheme.  And figuring out everyone’s schedule (including naptime) could be considered a part-time gig…at least for a week or so.  But the memories you will capture will stay preserved on your walls for generations to come. And the investment of your time is worth it tenfold.

To the E-Family, the L-Family, and the N-family, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, that you let me in on your afternoon. It was a pleasure to witness your family together. Let God continue to bless you.  And remember to give Maddy an extra hug for coordinating the whole thing!  🙂 


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