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Oh, if I could have written this blog in October, I would have.  The entire day was so full of love, life, and excitement that even I didn’t want it to end. 

After spending a few hours with Kevin and Maggie during their engagement session, I started counting the weeks until their “circled-in-red” wedding date on my calendar. I have no doubts that they will enjoy each other’s sweet comments, admiration, honor, and, above all else, love until they are well into their golden years.  

Just take a minute to glance through just a few of my favorite wedding photos.  If you get the feeling that these two people are the kind of people you WANT to plan nights out with, you are right.  Kevin and Maggie are just plain awesome.

On their wedding day, you couldn’t miss the happiness of every single moment from the girls getting ready right through dancing to the tunes of one of the BEST bands I have heard in a long while.  As as side note, do check out the Cancel Monday Band. It’s worth a quick trip to their site.

Thank you to the most fantastic Missy and the entire staff of Gourmet Express.  The food and service was fabulous, and the Longacre House is always a lovely place to celebrate with family and friends.

And finally, to Kevin and Maggie,

You already know how grateful I am to have spent your day with you.  It was everything a wedding should be. Beautiful and memorable right down to hanging out in the library at the end of the nights with close friends and loved ones.  May God Bless you always and, if it is at all possible, may your days be filled with more joy than you had on your wedding day.



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