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Last year, something exciting was happening in the Hogg home.  Jordan was getting ready to start his senior year.  But Jordan starting his senior year wasn’t quite the same as you or I starting our senior year.  Jordan’s wasn’t “supposed” to have a senior year–at least not for a long time.

I wanted to share his story as it touched me so much, and I know that it will touch some of you.  By the way, when Amy asked me to photograph his senior portraits as well as his graduation party (even though photographing parties is not something that I normally do), I couldn’t say no.  Jordan’s story is just too cool.  

This weekend, mom and dad dropped him off at college….something that they didn’t know would ever be possible.  


This is written by Jordan’s mother, Amy.  When I asked her to share, she was happy to share the miracle in their lives. 

Jordan was on a hayride with his youth group when he was 14 years old.  It was sweetest day Oct 17, 2009.  Brian and I decided to go on a date and my parents kept Bethany and Jacob.  

    We received the most dreaded phone call a parent could ever receive.  Jordan was allowed to sit forward on a utility trailer that had no sides and was turned into a hayride.  The trailer hit a bump and Jordan’s foot got caught pulling him under the trailer.  The man driving could not hear the people on the trailer yelling so Jordan was drug for multiple feet before the ride was stopped.

   Once the trailer was stopped they realized Jordan’s leg was intwined  between the axel and the tire.  Lt. Phil Wager from hamburg fire was first on the scene.  He got the tire off and Jordan’s leg out.  He said he thought Jordan was going to lose his leg and his life.  My sister Sherry Young which was near by laid under the trailer with Jordan trying to keep him conscience.

   Med flight was called in.  Jordan was put in a ambulance and taken to where the helicopter was waiting.  He had to be intubated before he was put on the helicopter and taken to Mott.

   When we were finally allowed to see Jordan I should have realized something was very wrong.   As I walked into the room I watched Jordan try to punch a nurse.  Once he woke up in the hospital he tried to hit people often.

  Jordan was taken to the PICU at Mott and had a nurse stationed at his bed at all times.  We had a doctor show us Jordan’s scans of his head and tell us there was no doubt his head was run over.  He had many broken bones in his head.  The lining over his brain was tore, 2 breaks in his wrist, collar bone was broke, and broken ribs.  The leg they thought he would lose only had a chip on his ankle.

  About 5am the neuro doctors came in and realized Jordan had a stroke from a crushed main artery in his neck. After many tests we were told his stroke was in the best place of the worst area it could be in.  We were also told Jordan would never use his right side again.  He would never walk, run, or play ball.  Jordan was now diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury and a stroke.

   The ENT doctor came in and he looked in one of Jordan’s ears and said hum. He walked to the other side and did the same.  He then said it is so weird the bones in both of his ears are broke up to the nerve that allows you to hear and then it stops.  I looked at him and said that’s my God!

  We were having camp meeting at our church that week. Gods timing is always perfect!  We had preachers from all over the US in to preach.  9 preachers came up to the PICU and prayed over Jordan. 

    A couple days later he woke up and started to communicate with us.  He was talking.  His memory wasn’t great but he was talking.  Jordan used his right hand to put a U of M hat on his head.   Therapy was started on Jordan for speech, occupational, physical, and recreational.  We were told he would be in the PICU for at least a month then the step down unit another 3 months.  He was in the PICU for 1 week and the step down unit for 3 weeks.

  Jordan was able to get out of his wheel chair and get into the car with very little assistance when leaving the hospital.  He had to go to many therapy and doctors visits even after we were released from the hospital.  Most of the doctors made us wait a extra hour just so they could see Jordan’s scans.  They could not believe he was in front of them doing so well physically.

   In December Jordan had a MRI and MRA.  I was then asked by his pediatrician what was used to fix the crushed artery in Jordan’s neck.  I got to tell him the doctors didnt touch the artery. 

   With the mental issues Jordan faced we were told he could be up to 26 years old before he graduated if he graduated at all.  He also missed a semester of his freshman year.  I am very thankful to say Jordan graduated on time with his classmates this past June.  He also received a scholarship to Spring Arbor University.  He will be studying sports broadcasting.  Jordan recently felt Gods calling on his life to preach.  What a testimony to be a living miracle. 

   We are so thankful for what God has done in Jordan’s life.  And that God placed Michele in our life’s to not only give us great Senior photos.  But also to capture our celebration of Life, God’s blessings and Jordan’s graduation party all in one.

 You can look through these photos and see what a celebration Jordan’s party was, but now you know why. 

Jordan, I can’t wait to see what your future holds! 


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